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COVID19 v DVSA Testing

COVID19 v DVSA Testing

For most driving schools across the UK business stopped on 23rd March 2020 as a result of the COVID19 lockdown measures.

Restrictions currently prohibit learning to drive with an instructor because of social distancing and the knock on effect for students with both theory and practical driving tests booked has been significant. All theory and practical driving tests have either been cancelled or rescheduled with the DVSA announcing no testing capacity until the 22nd June 2020.

There has been very little communication from the DVSA to either confirm or dispel uncertainty as to whether or not testing will resume on that date. The lack of certainty is fuelling confusion, causing instructors to return to work in violation of lockdown restrictions. All be it with honourable intentions for clients and in good will gestures to allow candidates the chance to practice, many of whom have not driven since March 23rd.

Chris Greer of Greer's Gears Driving School, Ayrshire has been keeping watch on the COVID / DVSA announcements and has the following advice:

"It is highly unlikely that DVSA will allow any form of driving testing to resume until at least the start of phase 3 lockdown easing. By following central UK government timescales this will roughly be around 6th July 2020 and we feel testing will be delayed until mid July. We hope that this is wrong and that resuming lessons and testing can happen earlier; until DVSA provide better advice this won't happen.

It's advisable to keep a daily check on your email if you have booked your driving test yourself. DVSA will, hopefully, contact you with updates. When we hear anything, we will of course update our clients immediately.''

If you are concerned about your test date please contact Chris on 07983 689500 or email your concerns to our mailbox and we will get back to you.