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There are some facts of life that you just can't avoid when it comes to buying, running and maintaining your first car. For most the biggest financial hit after buying it will be insuring it and it can a nightmare trawling through the vast amount of options to find that suitable policy.  Here are some tips to help you get on the road:

  1. Shop around to get the best price. Remember that the best price might not be the best policy for you.
  2. Try to price match by playing one insurer off against the other for the best deal. If they want your business then they will haggle back.
  3. Have you got a garage or off street parking? Consider using that than leaving it on the road.
  4. Big Brother isn't just on C4 !! - think about getting a black box insurance policy. Be aware though that some black box policies have restrictions imposed on the use of the car. Check out the small print.
  5. Can you afford to have a larger excess?  This is the amount you will be liable to pay in the event of a claim. Sometimes raising the excess can lower the annual premium. 
  6. Fit a security system to your car and use it properly.
  7. Don't claim for the small stuff; you'll be better to build up a full no claim bonus.
  8. Leave your car as a standard model s try not to pimp your ride.
  9. Reduce your miles. Less time on the road means that you are a reduced risk.
  10. Be the main policy holder but put an older person as a named driver. Don't front the policy.