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What do I do if I've failed...

What do I do if I've FAILED my practical test?

Did you know that the national pass rate for the practical driving test is only 47%, so if you've failed, you are not alone. At the end of your test the examiner gives you the result and if you haven't passed you will be given some feedback, which your instructor can listen in on too, along with a copy of your driving test report. It's very hard not to be nervous when retaking the test but try to look beyond this and use the experience of the first try positively. You've already been through so you know what to expect.

The obvious starting point for getting through your next test is to work on the areas that caused you to fail first time round. It might be test nerves (very common), your clutch control might not be smooth or perhaps it was the dreaded manoeuvres. By focussing on the reason, you won't make the same mistake again but remember that you need to stay focussed on everything else for your next try.