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Manual v Automatic or EV ? .....

Manual v Automatic or EV ? .....

Are you thinking of learning to drive in a manual or automatic car ?

Try to think ahead about what's happening in the world politically, socially and environmentally because these factors will most likely have an impact on your choice at some stage. What will you use the car for? Will you use it everyday? Can you afford to buy it and run it? Is a manual car more environmentally friendly than an automatic? What happens when manufacturers stop making internal combustion engines (aka I.C.E cars) ?

Are you looking for an eco-friendly way to get around town? If so, you may have considered buying an electric car. Electric cars are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason! Here are the top ten reasons why you should invest in an electric car.

1. Reduced emissions: Electric cars produce zero emissions, making them much better for the environment than traditional gasoline-powered cars. This means that you can help reduce your carbon footprint and do your part in protecting the planet.

2. Lower running costs: Electric cars require less maintenance than traditional cars, and their running costs are also much lower. This means that you can save money on fuel and on maintenance costs over time.

3. Tax incentives: Depending on where you live, you may be eligible for tax breaks or other incentives when you purchase an electric car. This can help make the car more affordable and make it easier to get into an electric car.

4. Increased range: Modern electric cars are capable of travelling much further on a single charge than older models. This means that you can travel further without needing to stop to recharge your car.

5. Quiet operation: Electric cars are much quieter than traditional cars, which can make for a more pleasant driving experience. This also means that you wont disturb your neighbours when you drive in or out of your neighbourhood.

6. Improved acceleration: Electric cars tend to have very strong acceleration, which can make for a more enjoyable driving experience. This can also make it easier to merge onto the highway or to pass other cars on the road.

7. Lower insurance premiums: Insurance companies often offer lower premiums for electric cars due to their lower risk of accidents and their lower repair costs. This can save you money on your car insurance over time.

8. Recharging options: There are many different ways to charge an electric car, making it easy to find a charging option that works for you. This can make it easier to keep your car charged and ready to go.

9. Advanced technology: Electric cars often come with advanced technology such as self-parking, lane keeping assist, and adaptive cruise control. This can make your driving experience safer and more enjoyable.

10. Fun to drive: Electric cars are often very fun to drive due to their strong acceleration and responsive handling. This can make driving one of these cars a truly enjoyable experience.

If youre looking for an eco-friendly way to get around town, buying an electric car is a great option. With their reduced emissions, lower running costs, and tax incentives, electric cars are becoming an increasingly popular choice. Plus, theyre fun to drive and come with advanced technology that makes driving safer and more enjoyable. So, if youre looking for a car thats good for the environment and fun to drive, an electric car may be the perfect choice for you!