Save £500 learning to drive

Learner drivers across Ayrshire are looking to book quality driving lessons and Greer's Gears is confident that we can offer you a better deal than other driving schools in the area.

We know you have concerns which include being able to pass your driving test first time, getting a friendly, reliable & approachable instructor, wanting to save money and avoid being 'ripped off'. We can help with all of the above and more.

To SAVE £500 you just need to think SMART ... 'Learners waste money because they take hourly lessons once a week'.

Studying a new subject needs regular input so that you don't experience skill fade. For example, learning guitar - you need to keep playing it. Speaking French - you have to read it, write it and speak it on a regular repetitive basis to reinforce and prevent skill fade. Driving is the same, you have to do it and reinforce the skills.

You can learn more in a two hour lesson than what you will in two single hour lessons. That alone means you will need at least ten hours less than if you complete one hour lessons. 

Now imagine how quickly learning will be accelerated if you complete 2 x 2hr lessons per week and reinforce your new skills resulting in little or no skill fade. Our experience shows that clients will need 15 - 20 hours less than normal which saves you around £500. That's SMART !

Combine smart thinking with our triple guarantee policy and we assure you that Greer's Gears Driving School offers you better value for money than any other driving school in Ayrshire.