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Feedback from previous clients:

Ms Michelle Morton of Ayr
13 March 2020
5 STAR REVIEW FOR 5 STAR SERVICE! Having dipped into learning to drive on and off for a number of years and having a few different instructors along the way, I contacted Greers Gears as he'd come recommended by a couple of friends and I am so pleased I did! He has this natural ability to make you feel at ease when you're nervous and is able to work out solutions to your learning problems! I swapped from manual to automatic and ive never looked back! And the great thing is Chris has both types of cars so I didn't have to change instructors either! His encouragement, great teaching techniques and most of all patience is what makes him a fantastic instructor and got me on the road when I didn't think I'd ever pass my test!! If you are looking for a dedicated, punctual, enthusiastic and great value for the coin instructor then Chris is who you should call. Thank you again Chris! You've made driving possible for me when my confidence had me convinced I couldn't do it! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
Mr Peter Boyd of Ayr.
27 February 2020
GREAT INSTRUCTOR Had some bad experiences learning with another instructor and made the decision to change to Chris. Absolutely the best decision I could have made. Chris helped get my confidence back up, taught me some tips and tricks and really worked with me to get the pass. He has a great attitude for teaching, keeping you motivated and upbeat when things don't go well. Highly recommend Greer's Gears to anyone, but especially to those who think maybe they can't achieve a pass.
Mrs Vicki Burns of Saltcoats, Ayrshire.
20 February 2020
Passed my test today with Chris after only starting lessons a month ago. If you're looking for an instructor with the patience of a saint then see Chris! He knows your abilities better than you do and pushes you to your limits. Never loses his temper or makes you feel stupid, always listens to your thoughts and feelings on your own strengths and weaknesses and gives you the confidence that you may be lacking! Just wish I found him 13 years ago.
Mrs Pravenna K. of Ayr
10 February 2020
AN AMAZING INSTRUCTOR Chris is an amazing driving instructor, very friendly and professional as well as extremely patient. Lessons are very thorough and he knows exactly how to help you improve, would 100% recommend. He is the bessssssssst.
Mrs Keerthana P of Prestwick, Ayrshire.
6 January 2020
FIRST TIME PASS! Chris is the best instructor in the town.. passed first time can’t thank him enough for that😊 would definitely recommend Greer’s gears driving school 👍👍
Mrs Nicola Lang of Ayr
18 December 2019
FIRST TIME PASS!!! Firstly. I would like to say a massive thank you to Chris for getting my twin daughters through their driving tests today. Both passed first time. Would never have achieved this result without Chris’s patience and constant encouragement. I would highly recommend Greer’s Gears Driving School. 💯
Mrs T of Ayr.
10 October 2019
Chris is a brilliant driving instructor. Very polite and genuinely nice person. Patient and never gets angry, even with such hard case as me, 45 year old foreigner who had never touched a steering wheel before. Left side of the road was huge challenge to me too. There were moments when I wanted to give up on learning but Chris did not let me. He was very supportive, kept teaching me explaining every aspect of driving. He managed to built up my confidence! I can’t thank you enough for that Chris! Chris knows all driving routs and all peculiarities and tricky bits you might face during your driving test. I passed my test and felt that it was easy! I would highly recommend Chris to anyone who wants to become safe and confident driver on any type of road. In a few years when my children reach the age when they can learn to drive I will send them only to Chris I know they will be safe with him and become good drivers. Thank you again Chris.
Mr P. McMahon of Kilmarnock, Ayrshire.
26 September 2019
Just back from sitting my test and passed first time with flying colours thanks to Chris. I also only had to take six 2 hour lessons and was ready for my test, couldn’t have been happier. I would definitely recommend him, very professional big fella, but most importantly very sound and friendly made me feel comfortable from the offset, couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.
Mrs A. Simpson of Irvine, Ayrshire.
20 September 2019
Firstly, I cannot thank Chris enough for everything. From the very first lesson, Chris was honest enough to tell me that he thought I wouldn’t need all my lessons and would I be refunded if we didn’t use all the slots we had previously booked. Not many instructors would do that!! An absolute gent of a driving instructor, hard working, fun, even fully made me believe in myself and taught me some gems that I will take with me for the rest of my driving days. Chris’s dedication and determination to help me succeed Led me to pass my first driving test today with zero faults. Some evenings we were driving at 10pm at night to fit in with my work schedule. Totally recommend Chris to everyone that is considering to drive. Friends for life and will miss Chris tons.
Mrs C. Houston of Ayr.
18 September 2019
Absolute awesome driving instructor. The Best of The Very Best. Every single part of driving course from start to finish simplified for you making it so easy to understand. Nervous and first time driver excellent choice. Chris Greer not only teaches you to drive to very high standard, he makes you believe in you. Patient, kind , honest and reliable. He is very informative with information on theory to as much as communication in all aspects of events including date, time and reminder calendar. Perfect gentleman who has his own special techniques on teaching you reverse parking. Following instructions to letter gaurantees you nail it each time. He has an amazing personality . He never judges you, stays calm with clear communication under all circumstances. I would never have passed my test in a million years without him. Lessons a pleasure not a chore. Exceptionally professional definitely very highly recommended.
Mrs Toni Callaghan of Ayr
10 July 2019
Passed my test today with only 1 minor! Chris is an amazing instructor and I very highly recommend him to anyone. Having had bad experiences with past instructors Chris made me feel totally relaxed, comfortable and reassured at all times. I went from having zero confidence to being able to confidently pass my test first time with Chris. Best in the bizz for sure!!
Mr Greg Patterson of Ardrossan, Ayrshire.
4 July 2019
Just want to say what a pleasure it was to have Chris as my instructor, true gentleman, kind and very easy to get along with. booked a 30 hour intensive package and after 2 hours he was honest enough to say I didn’t need the full 30 and would refund the unused hours at the end. I feel if I went with a different instructor I wouldn’t have passed as well as I did as I only received 1 minor fault and it was all down to chris’s Hard work and dedication. I would 100% recommend him!! thanks again Chris, cheers
Mrs Raji Karthikeyan of Ayr
11 June 2019
Chris is a great instructor!! he constantly encourages you to go further than you think you can . I would highly recommend anyone to go with greer's gears driving school for driving lessons. #Thank you so much, Chris!!!
Mrs Kerri Smith of Coylton, Ayrshire.
26 April 2019
Cannot thank Chris enough for getting my son [Kieran] through his driving test. The 2 hour lessons are definitely worth while and would highly recommend Greer’s Gears to anyone looking for an amazing driving instructor who is very thoughtful and makes the learner driver feel so relaxed. Thanks again Chris for everything and for putting up with the nervous mum.
Mr Kieran Smith of Coylton, Ayrshire.
26 April 2019
Fantastic lessons, easy to follow and extremely easy to understand.
Mr Joe Roberts of Dalmellington, Ayrshire.
24 April 2019
Chris is an amazing teacher. I have done 20 lessons with him, passed my test today and i have enjoyed every minute of it, and learnt so much from him. Cool and patient man. Would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to get on the road and learn how do do it properly. I cant thank you enough. Thank you Chris.
Mr Martin Montee of Girvan, Ayrshire.
3 April 2019
Chris is a highly competent and understanding instructor who put me at ease and did a great job of teaching me to drive. He was very flexible in getting me the hours of instruction that I needed to pass my practical test first time without any problems. I can certainly recommend Greer's Gears for anyone looking for an experienced instructor to get driving as soon as possible.
Ms Ruth Hollywood of Troon, Ayrshire.
2 April 2019
I could not have asked for a better driving instructor! Chris was not only a brilliant instructor who was professional and patient but he is also very easy to get along with. He gave me lots of easy to remember tips that I'm sure I will continue to use every time I drive. I was a nervous driver and I'm not sure I could not have passed without his help. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive. Thanks again Chris! Ruth passed her driving test at Ayr test centre.
Mr David Davies of Darvel, Ayrshire.
25 February 2019
I passed first time with no minors chris is an excellent instructor very patient and professional at his job makes driving easy if your a nervous person can thank him enough for helping me getting my pass so if your looking to book lessons you should give chris a try he'll have you driving on no time. David passed his driving test at Irvine Test Centre.
Mr Brendan Forte of Girvan, Ayrshire.
16 December 2018
Would definitely recommend Chris, I had taken lessons a few times before with other instructors but it never clicked into place until his lessons. He is a really nice guy too and doesn't make you feel bad for making mistakes or anything I only had a limited time to sit my test and Chris was great in booking all my lessons at a short notice and made sure I was ready to sit my test!
Mr John Graham of Kilwinning.
6 October 2018
I would first like to take this opportunity to thank Chris for all his hard work and drive in getting me a hesitant 51 year old guy to my test in a very short time. I passed first time going into my test convinced I wasn’t ready but as my instructor Chris got me to a pass standard in a really short time. His commitment and passion for his job shone through from the first minute we spoke. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking to either refresh their driving knowledge or starting out for the first time. He’s deeply passionate about his job and always takes the time to explain every single aspect of driving. This isn’t just about him making you a driver; it’s way more than that. He has a desire, passion and attention to detail that goes way beyond the normal driving instructor. He’s very easy to get on with and has a down to earth approach. I was struggling with my previous teacher and my only regret was not going straight to Chris. He’s a top guy and I feel I’ve made a true friend.
Miss Holly Atterson of Fairlie, Largs.
1 October 2018
After a bad experience with a different driving instructor 2 years ago, I was hesitant in starting my lessons with someone new. I felt instantly at ease once I'd met Chris and, as a result, spared no time in getting stuck into driving again. The 2 hour lessons were great for me as they gave me the loads of experience, and seemed to pass very quickly. Once it came to sitting my test, the 40 minute slot seemed very short after becoming accustomed to 2 hour driving sessions. I found Chris to be very accommodating and flexible when it came to booking lessons; a couple of times I had to make last minute changes and there was no problem with rearranging. Always enthusiastic, and has a very relaxed energy in the car. I'd definitely recommend Chris and I think he'd be the perfect fit for any nervous drivers out there; he will give you confidence in your driving. Thanks, Chris! - Holly
Mrs Lani Miller of Troon, Ayrshire.
29 September 2018
My daughter and I have very different learning requirements; she’s a 17yo novice eager to drive, while I’m a nervous one who’s used to driving on the left side of the car and on the other side of the road and needed a refresher course. Chris had this intuitive understanding of our individual learning needs/styles and adapted his teaching approach effectively. Not only is Chris an amazing driving instructor, he’s also a very friendly, positive and a genuinely lovely person who will guide, encourage and motivate you in every step, making the whole learning experience interesting and surprisingly a lot of fun. I don’t normally write reviews or make recommendations but Greer’s Gear is an exception; for anyone looking for an excellent driving instructor, I’d highly recommend Chris in a heartbeat. Chris, thanks again for the much needed confidence boost and helping me pass the test on the first try yesterday, couldn’t have done it without you. One pass, one more to go buddy!
Mrs Gillian Kay of Monkton, Ayrshire.
26 September 2018
Following a foot injury I have had to change from a manual car to an automatic. I was also quite nervous about driving again as I hadn't been able to do so for almost 18 months, so I had a few driving lessons with Chris. He is a lovely guy who was really calm and immediately put me at ease. He is very easy to talk to and explains things very well. I have never been confident reversing and will avoid it if possible. Chris had me reversing into a parking space (almost perfectly) on my first lesson. He really helped me to start to get my confidence back and I would recommend him to anyone looking for driving lessons.
Fr Gabriel of St. Margaret's Cathedral, Ayr.
23 August 2018
Chris is patient in his teaching. He teaches the right method of driving and gently calls your attention when you go wrong and praise when you do well. His teaching is beyond passing examination. Thanks Chris I passed.
Miss Helen McNair of Maybole, Ayrshire.
23 September 2018
Chris was an amazing instructor, would definitely recommended him!! Really easy to get on with and helps put you at ease.
Miss Robyn Conor of Prestwick, Ayrshire.
16 August 2018
Chris is a great driving instructor!! Very calm and patient and really puts you at ease. Passed first time with him after only 10 lessons. Thanks again Chris !
Mrs Kirstin Conor of Prestwick, Ayrshire.
16 August 2018
Fantastic instructor who is friendly and gives great feedback. My daughter passed first time under Chris' instruction. She really enjoyed her lessons and would highly recommend Chris. Always punctual, professional and made her feel confident in her driving ability. Nothing but praise for Chris.
Miss Caitlin Hamilton of Ayr.
7 August 2018
Would highly recommend Chris, very easy going and puts you at ease, only instructor I’ve stuck to, had 7 lessons and passed first time while 8 months pregnant, thank you chris!!
Mrs Gillian Brown of Dalrymple, Ayrshire.
19 July 2018
Would recommend Greer's Gears to anyone, the help and support Chris has given me has been absolutely amazing, he has the patience of a Saint. Thank you so much xxx
Mr Bobby Cooper of Ayr.
28 June 2018
Would highly recommend Chris. A great instructor and great guy makes you feel totally at ease. This guy is brilliant at his job.
Mr Mark Smith of Glasgow.
26 June 2018
What to say about Chris. The man is a legend. Fantastic driving instructor, passed in 4 weeks. Excellent teacher making the whole experience extremely enjoyable. Had great banter in every lesson and couldn’t not recommend anyone more highly! Thanks Again Chris!
Mrs Nadia Nicholson of Girvan.
25 May 2018
Chris has been a brilliant instructor in getting me back up to test standard and helping me pass 1st time with only a few minors! From having taken lessons 30 years on and off with different instructors, I can say Chris is a breath of fresh air, instructing you too another level. He made believe in myself as I was a nervous over cautious driver. His calm and relaxed approach to driving made me feel at ease behind the wheel, and his all round positive and cheery attitude makes lessons very enjoyable. He and gave excellent pointers and tips which not only helped me pass the test but will help me in my years of driving to come. Thank you very much Chris, it has been a great pleasure. Thank you once again.
Mr Chris Cambers of Ayr.
11 May 2018
Chris was fantastic for me I've been with two other driver instructors and he was by far the best for me he got me over the finishing line today couldn't have a better instructor in my opinion
Mr Stuart Finch of Cumnock, Ayrshire.
12 April 2018
Chris is a very good instructor. I was a nervous learner and he created a very calm environment. He never became irritable or frustrated and continually provided encouragement when I got fed up with it. The car was good to drive and was always in immaculate condition. Chris was always on time and was available for lessons at the weekend. I have no hesitation recommending Chris to other learners. Stuart passed the driving test at Cumnock Test Centre on 12th April 2018
Miss Autumn Holmes of Minishant, Ayr.
7 March 2018
Chris is a great instructor and I would definitely recommend him. He has given me the confidence in driving that other driving instructors haven’t and has helped me pass my test quickly.
Mr Liam McNair of Maybole, Ayrshire.
15 March 2018
Chris is an amazing instructor who helped me to pass my test first time couldn't have done it without him. I'd highly recommend him to any new learners.
Miss Marisa Logan of Prestwick, Ayrshire.
23 February 2018
Would 1000% recommend Chris over any other instructor. He made me feel totally at ease and totally turned my bad driving experience into a great experience i’ll never forget. Great guy with great tips and the patience of a saint. Thanks again!
Ms Julia Calder of Priestland, Darvel.
16 February 2018
Chris has been a brilliant instructor in getting me back up to test standard and helping me pass 2nd time with only a few minors! From having taken lessons years ago with different instructors, I can say Chris’ instructing was next level. His calm and relaxed approach to driving made me (a nervous driver) feel at ease behind the wheel, and his all round positive and cheery attitude makes lessons very enjoyable. He covers technical skills and manoeuvres to perfection, and gave excellent pointers and tips which not only helped me pass the test but will help me in my years of driving to come. Thank you very much Chris, it has been a pleasure! Julia passed her driving test at Ayr DTC.
Mr R. Walker on behalf of Greg Walker, Ayr, Scotland.
7 February 2018
Very professional and great with my Son who was a little nervous. Really up to date with everything and on the ball. Would highly recommend him. Great guy!
Mrs A. Pinkerton of Ayr, Scotland.
7 February 2018
Chris is the best instructor as he's patient, kind and always there to make the process of learning to drive easier. I learned to drive at 40 after never once driving a car and Chris instantly made me feel at ease, helping me pass first time. I would not hesitate to recommend this man. Greer's Gears Driving School will take Ayrshire by storm.
Ms Lorna McWalter of Fairlie, near Largs.
25 January 2018
I've been to a couple of instructors for lessons and would highly recommend Chris as he was the first one to take the time and have the patience to help build up my confidence in addition to giving me the skills to drive. Chris is an excellent instructor and I passed 1st time.
Mrs Monika Jarkhar of Mossblown, Ayrshire.
19 January 2018
I passed my driving test in first time. Chris is a very good teacher. He makes every thing easily understandable. Thank you very much Chris. Monika
Helen Martin of Ayr, Scotland.
11 January 2018
At 52 years old finally sat and passed a driving test with Chris. Chris is a kind and compasionate driving instructor, which was exactly what I needed. From day one felt at ease and decided then to book a course. Just want to say a huge THANK YOU for all his patience and guidance to finally enable me to hit the roads. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone who wants to learn to drive.
Mr Jack Dawson of Mossblown, Ayrshire.
1 January 2018
"FANTASTIC" Chris Greer started out as a driving instructor but will go on as a personal friend to me, fantastic driving instructor very patient and understanding. Fitted in a 30 hour block of lessons round about my busy job and hectic family life! Great guy who will take Ayrshire by storm, cheers Chris.
Ms C. Ashraf on behalf of Jordan Ashraf from Ayr, Scotland
15 December 2017
I contacted Chris to enquire about purchasing a block booking for my son's birthday. I found him very easy to chat to and very helpful. My judgement was right to chose Chris over any other instructor out there. My son had only 4 two hour lessons with him and had his test booked, my son took his final lesson with Chris before his test and my son passed. I found Chris very professional and easy going. He made my son at ease on every lesson and was a down to earth guy who liked to have a good relationship with his learners. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking to learn to drive. Thanks Chris for all your dedication and support to my son. He wouldn't have passed without you.
Mr David MacPherson of Ayr, Scotland.
7 December 2017
Excellent instructor. Knowledgeable, concise and patient. Thoroughly recommended.
Mr Craig Caddis of Ayr, Scotland.
9 November 2017
'Second to None' Although I only had the pleasure of taking a few lessons with Chris, he has by far and away been the best instructor I've encountered - I know this to be true as I've dealt with 4 in Ayr throughout the course of my lessons. Chris was friendly, chatty, on the ball, punctual, professional and has a way of teaching and explaining things that is conducive to producing excellent results. Superb instructor and a pleasure to deal with!
Mr Ian Norman - St Albans.
22 August 2015
Really top-class driving instructor, never lets you down. I have to say I've recommended Chris to everyone. Great lessons, very patient and understanding. Would highly recommend to confident and nervous drivers alike.
Miss Jade Rushbrooke - St Albans.
7 January 2016
Chris has been the best instructor I could ask for, he adapts his lessons and style of teaching to suit your needs and personality! He gives you confidence and genuinely cares for you and goes out his way to make sure you are happy and more importantly pass your test! I could not recommend him enough! Thanks Chris
Miss Jenny Partyka - Potters Bar, Herts.
20 January 2016
Best driving instructor ever! Makes lessons exciting and fun! Couldn't have chosen anyone better to learn to drive with, I'd recommend Chris to anyone who asks, passed with only 3 minors thanks to him! Thanks for everything!
Mr Abdul Mannan - Stevenage.
10 January 2016
Chris has been an amazing instructor. He is very friendly and extremely patient and helpful. Couldn't have asked for a better instructor than him. Thanks a million Chris
Mr JJ O'Neill - Chesham.
20 January 2016
Chris was a superb instructor! Not only that but a really nice guy too. Made learning extremely easy with his calm personality and patience. To have come away having passed is an amazing feeling! Thank you for all your help, Chris. I would highly recommend anyone to contact Greer's Gears and get learning with Chris straightaway!! Thank you very much Chris, and all the best for the future!! #firsttime #oneminor
Mr Tuna Çaprak - St Albans.
25 January 2016
Don't look any further if you want to secure a pass and have fun while learning how to drive. Best and friendliest driving instructor in town, passed with just 2 minors! Very impressed with my learning experience with Chris. Flexible with hours as well. Thanks for your help again!
Mr Patrick Whelan - Potters Bar, Herts.
1 April 2016
Chris is a great instructor and from the first lesson I was relaxed and comfortable behind the wheel. Due to his impeccable tutoring I was able to pass first time and cannot wait to get on the road!
Mr James Mercer - Stevenage.
9 March 2016
So this morning I passed my test with flying colours after learning for only 12 hours with Chris! Such an awesome bloke I would recommend him to anyone. He helped me learn everything spot on. Thanks again Chris you were brilliant!
Mr James Pickett - Stevenage.
8 March 2016
Chris is an absolutely superb instructor, couldn't have asked for better! Not only strong on teaching but also a great guy to work with, I would highly recommend him to anyone!
Mr Tom Roberts - Apsley, Hemel Hempstead.
8 February 2016
Chris is an excellent instructor, patient and clear with his teaching. Plus he's a really easy going guy which helps put you at ease, I'd recommend him to anyone. Thanks for all the help Chris.
Mr Brooke Matthews - Hatfield.
11 April 2016
It was an absolute honour for Chris to teach me how to drive.not only was he a great teacher but a great man and friend.He help from start to finish.i can't say thank you enough!
Mr Sam Threadingham - Stevenage.
14 April 2016
Chris is a great instructor, I had failed my practical test twice previously with another driving school but Chris prepped me for my third and I passed! Such a patient and flexible guy, driving could not have been made simpler by anyone else! I highly recommend to any new learner drivers looking for somewhere to start! Thanks so much for all your help Chris, I wish you all the best for the future!
Rev Sarah Eynstone - Aldbury Village, Herts.
7 September 2016
I couldn't recommend Chris as a driving instructor highly enough. I'd had a very bad experience with a previous instructor and Chris took this account. He was relentlessly patient, kind, encouraging and intelligent in the way he went about teaching and training me. He clearly cares passionately about creating good drivers and passing on skills in a way which is appropriate for the learner. He also cares for the wellbeing of those he is teaching and this came across in every lesson. A huge thank you to Chris for getting me through an important milestone.
Mrs Candice Wilson - Radlett, Herts.
12 September 2016
Just back from my test, it was my first (although I went through 3 instructors). 0 minors. Passed. Great learning experience, can't thank you enough Chris! Superstar.
Mrs Liz Woods - Welwyn Garden City.
18 August 2016
Chris was an excellent instructor who knew exactly what areas I needed to focus on and such positive energy to keep me on point. Thanks to him, I was able to pass my test the first time out with 0 Faults! Would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a calm and positive learning experience. Thanks again for your excellent tips and techniques to get me out on the roads!
Mrs Hayley Rason - Enfield.
3 August 2016
Amazing driving instructor! Patient, encouraging, and friendly. I had a few self confidence issues but Chris helped me to feel confident and in control behind the wheel to the point where I enjoyed our lessons. He tailored his lessons to suit my style of learning giving me lots of praise and encouragement. He helped me work through the show me tell me questions and made sure I was happy with everything I was learning. I passed yesterday 1st time and I thank Chris for all his help!
Mr Jonathon Galvez - Stevenage.
31 August 2016
I started driving with Chris with a set date and budget I had to pass by before going back to uni. His chilled and understanding way of teaching allowed me to pass my test the first time round, with only one minor, in only 17 hours worth of lesson time prior to the test. It's been a pleasure, see you on the road!
Mr Harry Giggins of Shenley, Hertfordshire.
31 October 2016
Couldn't recommend Chris highly enough, after just 7 weeks of being 17 he has helped me to pass with 2 faults. Tailors lessons to how you want to learn and how well you take on information. A very calm and relaxing person to be in a car with and an absolutely brilliant instructor!
Mr Daniel Currell of Hitchin, Hertfordshire.
30 October 2016
Patient, friendly and encouraging. Chris went the extra mile to find ways to accommodate my abilities and try to make thi.ngs easier for me. Highly recommend !
Mrs Lisa Bentley of Stevenage, Hertfordshire.
11 November 2016
Chris has just got my husband (Mark) through his test and we can't recommend him enough. My husband went to Chris already able to 'drive' and in need of help polishing up on manouveurs etc, we were prepared to pay out for extensive lessons and Chris was great to make sure we didn't throw money away doing more lessons than were needed !! All in all has been a great help.
Miss Kirsty McInnes of Luton, Bedfordshire.
15 January 2017
Chris is an amazing driving instructor who really improved my confidence behind the wheel! He has a great positive and friendly personality, and equips you with a lot of knowledge to help you be a better driver. Through his constructive advice, encouraging words and praise as my driving skills developed, I am now a very confident licensed driver, and only wish I had started lessons with his ages ago! Cannot recommend him enough to anyone of any age with little or no driving experience who is wanting to sit their test!
Mr Dhruv Tailor of Chesham, Buckinghamshire.
19 January 2017
Chris was a brilliant driving instructor that understood where I needed to improve and always took a light, positive and upbeat attitude when teaching! If you want to learn quickly and efficiently Chris is the right instructor for you. Thanks again Chris! Dhruv passed his test with Greer's Gears Driving School on the 19.1.2016 at St Albans.
Mr Dan O'Shea - Peterborough
30 January 2017
Not only is Chris an excellent instructor, who I highly recommend, but also a really top bloke! Its been a pleasure meeting him and my driving improved drastically once i started with him. Keep it up Chris and thanks again.
Ms Lorna Gardner of Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.
25 January 2017
Chris was a great instructor and I passed first time so I'm very happy! He has a calm temperament which made me feel at ease and he was very patient. He's also super enthusiastic and definitely lets you know when you've done well which is encouraging, especially if you're nervous etc. *Side Note* I like how the lessons are in 2 hours instead of 1 as you can accomplish more, and I would definitely recommend getting Marmalade insurance (bolt on to parents' car) as the practice really makes a difference!
Mr Jake Lambert of Harpenden, Hertfordshire.
15 May 2017
Chris is a fantastic instructor who is very understanding and really puts the client first. I personally wasn't very confident with driving at all at the start, but Chris helped me to build up my courage and I've just passed first time. He is extremely good at identifying strengths and weaknesses in your driving and allows you to improve through excellent knowledge and calming approach. A very good instructor who goes the extra mile for the customer. I would recommend to anyone as his attitude, work ethic and ability is incredible. Considering this, his prices are extremely competitive in this market, and the value for money is very high.
Ms Bethany Hope Southey of Tring, Hertfordshire.
4 May 2017
Great driving instructor, he was very patient and friendly towards me helping me gain confidence in my driving and I passed first time.
Mr Matthew Abley of Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.
28 March 2017
If anyone is looking for an instructor to start driving lessons but you are unsure, give Chris a call as he is the man to go to! I only had 2 hours with him Sunday and passed today! (I Had about 10 hours when I was 18 but that was it)! He is a genuine guy and could see that I didn't need any more lessons and 'REFUNDED' me the remaining money that I paid for a block booking! If you're a nervous driver or just starting to learn give him a shout!! 10/10 for this man!
Miss Katie Giddings - Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.
5 January 2017
I highly recommend Chris as a driving instructor as he is so encouraging and supportive. He helped me pass my 2nd driving test within a few lessons.
Mr Joe Leggatt of St Albans, Hertfordshire.
16 December 2016
Passing first time shows what a great instructor Chris is!
Mrs Sarah Sirrell of Hitchin, Hertfordshire.
22 July 2017
Just passed my driving test today and couldn't be happier with my lessons with Greer's Gears. Chris is a fantastic instructor, giving very clear instructions that made learning to drive painless and fun. His constant encouragement and relaxed attitude helped me to relax and get over my driving and test nerves. I would definitely recommend his lessons to new drivers. Thanks Chris!!
Ms Chelsea Williams-Grant of Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.
3 July 2017
Honestly cannot recommend Chris more as the perfect driving instructor and an all round, genuine, kind hearted guy! Having no driving experience at all, and very little confidence to begin with, Chris always remained patient & enthusiastic and helped my confidence grow! He is super encouraging, praising and always tonnes of fun to learn with. I'd definitely recommend him to absolutely everyone. Thank you Chris!
Mrs Annie Brown of Harpenden, Hertfordshire
15 May 2017
Thank you Chris for making me confident of my driving and passing first time. It's was not really as English is difficult for me. Annie *Annie had English as a second language which demonstrates that Chris has the ability to communicate with anyone.
Mr Damien Stadden of Hatfield, Hertfordshire
2 September 2017
Cannot recommend Chris enough, really excellent Instructor! I started out super nervous, but with Chris' encouragement, understanding, and enthusiasm, I felt like I was able to do it, and even passed first try! If you're worried at all about learning to drive, this is the place to look.
Mr Nikhil Khera of Bushey, Hertfordshire
18 August 2017
Passed first time, no faults. I couldn't have done it without Chris. He is a helpful and patient teacher. Useful lessons with practical teaching. I would highly recommend him to anyone !!!
Miss Poppy O'Neill of Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.
10 August 2017
Chris is a fantastic instructor who just helped me pass my test first time. His relaxed approach and constant encouragement really helped me to overcome my nerves and grow in confidence behind the wheel. It was a pleasure taking lessons with him and I would certainly recommend.
Mr Matthew Stevens of Wheathampsted, Hertfordshire.
1 August 2017
Chris is a brilliant instructor who shows incredible patience and understanding of everyone's needs and pace of learning. Would definitely recommend to anyone.
Miss Lucy Dillon of Waterside, By Kilmarnock
2 August 2018
Chris was a great instructor, very professional and helpful! Got a first time pass with only few lessons; would 100% recommend.
Mrs Kelly Marie of Girvan
2 May 2018
Chris is a brilliant instructor and a genuinely nice guy. Very patient and explains things in a way that's easy to remember. Easy to talk to and has always been accommodating resulting in a first time pass for me today. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone
Miss Georgia Savvas or Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire
16 August 2018
When I was learning to drive, he was very patient and every lesson was always lots of fun. Would definitely recommend him to anyone. So friendly and happy, it’s very clear he loves what he does and ensures everyone feels confident when driving